Launching Access

Only one (1) Card Key per Columere Park legal lot is issued.  This Card Key will be activated and deactivated for the season.  The Columere Park Community Association (CPCA) member keeps the Card Key from year to year until he/she no longer requires its use.

To obtain Launching Facility Access you must:

  • Be a Columere Park Community Association (CPCA) member in good-standing (CPCA member’s legal lot has its Columere Park Community Association current annual dues paid)
  • Own a motorized or non-motorized watercraft (i.e. canoe, kayak)
  • Complete a Launching Facility Form
  • Sign a Waiver

48 hours notice must be given to obtain Launching Facility Access(i.e. if Launching Facility Access forms and monies are received on Friday, then a card key will be issued and activated on Monday)