Rules & Regulations

Boat Launch and Marina Policy

Boat launching facilities and marina stall rentals are only provided to Columere Park Community Association members in good standing.  This has been our agreement with the Community Association for several years.

Also, your Columere Park Community Association dues must be in good standing to maintain your position on the waiting list.

Two consecutive years of unpaid Community Association fees will result in removal from the waiting list.

A community member will be notified by mail when they have reached the top of the waiting list.

To remain on the waiting list, you must be actively requesting to rent a stall.

A seasonal stall renter can only turn back a stall for 3 consecutive years after which they will be removed from the seasonal stall rental list.

Vehicle access is granted to Community Association members in good standing who have a requirement to use the launching facilities.

Every Community Association member who has been granted vehicle access and is using the launching and/or marina stalls is required to sign a waiver.

Renters of homes used as vacation rental property or unaccompanied family/friends of community members are not permitted to use the launching facilities or marina stalls.

Hardware or other components not manufactured by ShoreMaster cannot be attached to the docks. The docks are plastic modules and if anything is drilled or screwed into the plastic then the warranty is void; therefore, nothing can be attached to the docks.

All the stalls are fitted with 3 dock cleats. Renters can protect their boats by hanging their own boat bumpers/fenders off the dock cleats or off their boat.  Contact Columere Park Marina Ltd to have dock cleats moved to a different location on the dock.

Seasonal marina stall renters can purchase a set of vertical bumpers from Columere Park Marina Ltd to further protect their boat. Columere Park Marina Ltd must install the vertical bumpers.

Marina boat stall renters are not to lend or rent the marina stall assigned to them.

Marina stalls are not rented for jet skis.

The total width of each stall is 8.5 feet and 21 feet long.  New boats are getting wider and longer, hence fitting them into the marina stalls is becoming difficult.  Before you purchase a boat longer than 21 feet, please contact Columere Park Marina Ltd to ensure a stall is available for your boat.  No boat longer than 25 feet is allowed in the Marina other than approved pontoon boats.  There are only a few marina stalls that are capable to secure long boats.

Boats must not extend past the end of their dock into the marina channel.  The marina channels must be clear from boats.

With the growing number of community members on the waiting list and limited stall rental space in the marina, these policies and rules have been developed using the sense of fairness for everyone and using respect for Community members and the environment.  Not adhering to the policy and rules may result in privileges being revoked.

Print/Download Boat Launch and Marina Policy.

Launching Access Rules

There is ZERO tolerance for not obeying these rules.  Launching Facility Access will be revoked immediately.

  1. All pedestrians must stay clear of the gate. Do not ride the gate or touch it. The Warning Sign on the gate must be followed at all times.   There are exposed moving parts such as chains and rollers, therefore, making it a possible hazard for all individuals.
  2. The gate is used only for licensed vehicle access only; no ATV’s, golf carts, snow mobiles are allowed to cross the railway tracks by means of the gate. ATV’s, snow mobiles and golf carts are for off road activity and are not insured for public access roads.
  3. Pedestrians must use the pedestrian walkway gate. Do not go through the vehicle gate.  The vehicle gate will not open or close based on a person’s weight.
  4. Pedestrians must not pull on the gate to close it or push on the gate to open it.
  5. No tailgating another vehicle through the gate. You must swipe your own card.
  6. Do not store watercraft of any kind off the shore of the marina. This includes the shoreline or offshore water area where the canoe racks are located.
  7. The card is non-transferable. The transfer of your card results in immediate loss of Marina privileges for a minimum of one year.

Print/download Launching Facility Access Rules.

Marina Rules

Over the years these guidelines/rules have been developed through comments and concerns from Columere Park Community Association members.

CPR Safety.  Canadian Pacific Railway safety rules must be adhered to at all times.

Right of Way to Boats from Marina. The channel going out to the lake from the marina is narrow and there have been issues with boats bunched up at the corner going out to the lake, especially during years when the lake level is low.  Since most people can see boats coming out of the marina from the lake, the suggestion is for boats exiting the marina are given the right of way.  If you see a boat(s) coming out of the marina, please wait in deeper water until all the boats have exited the channel and are in the lake. The only exception to this rule would be if a storm comes up, then the boats in the lake would have the right of way to get back in the marina to safety.

Keep Columbia Lake Healthy.   Just a reminder to keep the lake clean from gas & oil to protect the wildlife in, on and around the lake.  Columbia Lake is susceptible to Eurasian Milfoil, therefore, keep this weed out of the lake by taking preventive measures through the removal of any weeds from your boat, canoe, kayak, windsurfer, floatie, or any other watercraft used on the lake before launching it.  The introduction of one single fragment of Eurasian Milfoil can result in the infestation of the entire Columbia Lake and is virtually impossible to eradicate.  Zebra and Quagga Mussels are a concern for the lake as well.  Remember to Clean, Drain and Dry your watercraft (including kayaks, paddleboards, trailer …) and equipment (life jackets, waders, fishing gear …).

Protect Wildlife Areas on the Lake.   Boating is not allowed along the north, east and south shores of Columbia Lake. The wave action from motorboats can destroy the nesting grounds of wildfowl.

Static Electricity and Fueling Boats.   When refuelling your boat an antistatic refuelling mat must be used. The antistatic refuelling mats are located on each dock (Main, North, East and Day Dock).   These black mats are 2 feet by 3 feet with a yellow border.  They are to be used strictly to refuel your boat.  Find one of these mats on the dock and stand on it when refuelling your boat.

Keep Oil and Fuel Out of the Lake.   When possible refuel your boat on land.  Be careful when filling your boat with fuel/oil.  A spill can spread a long way in a short time given the winds and currents in our waters. As little as 1/2 litre of oil can cover up to 1/2 an acre of water, so it’s important to avoid even tiny spills. Please use a bilge pad. Surface water pollution makes life difficult for species that rely on the Lake’s aquatic environment for all or part of its lifecycle.  Many fish depend on surface insects for food.  Creatures that live along the shoreline can get coated with petroleum product as well.  The Lake is the source of the Community’s drinking water.  We all have a responsibility to maintain the water quality of Columbia Lake.

No Vehicle Parking at the Marina.   Do not park your vehicles on the lake side of the tracks, as the marina launching area can become quite congested moving boats in and out of the water.  Community members who do not have a stall and use the launching facility on a daily basis will be pulling their boat in and out of the lake.  Please respect the need to have this area clear of parked cars.  Although the gate will make it more convenient to access the marina area, please park your vehicles by the tennis court.

No Overnight Boat Trailer Parking.   With increased day use of the launching facilities, day-use boaters require a place to park their boat trailers for the day, therefore, no overnight trailer parking will be allowed at the marina.  We would kindly ask that seasonal and weekly boat stall renters take their boat trailers back to their property for storage. 

No Parking at the Day Dock.   The day dock by the boat launch should only be used for loading and unloading passengers and gear.  This is the only area designated for the day-use boaters.  No unattended boat should be left at this dock.

Slow Speeds through the Marina and through the Channel.   Please drive slowly through the channel and the marina.  Wave action will erode the edges and will increase silt build up in these areas.

Encroaching Boat Bows on the Main Docks.   Please keep the minimal amount of your boat bow from encroaching on the main dock so it doesn’t block the main walking path.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Respect the Boat in the Stall Next to Your Boat.  Please respect the boat in the stall next to your boat and keep the boat docks clear of items.  Items left scattered on the docks when you’re out boating creates safety hazards for people walking on the docks or getting in and out of their boats.

Securing your Boat.   Please ensure your boat is tied up tight to the dock to accommodate the boat beside your boat.

No Water Toys in the Marina   Please do not pull water tubes/water toys (loaded or unloaded with people) behind your boat in the marina.  Tubes and toys should be placed in your boat before returning to the marina.  Also, please do not leave tubes or water toys on the water in the marina; place them in your boats or take them back to your property.

Print/download the Marina Rules.